Atari Night Driver Cockpit Restoration

Night driver cockpit

The “Brains”

One of my core values when restoring games is that, ideally, it should be running the original hardware – not as much the power supply, but rather, the CPU/game PCB.  I thus wanted to get an original ND PCB repaired and ready for the machine.  My stash of boards and parts is pretty huge, but […]

Integration: Getting the Parts Inside

Getting everything into the cabinet wasn’t too bad.  First, we got the monitor in and bolted down.  This sounds easy but when you see the situation it looks like there is no way that 23” monitor will fit in there.  It turns out the trick is that you really have to maneuver the monitor inward […]


So now we have all the major parts in the cabinet, and really badly want to turn it on, play the game – right?  Well, yes – but – I’m an engineer, and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that no matter how careful you are mistakes can (and do) happen.  This is […]

Mistakes Were Made

Prolog: Can’t Get it (the logic rail) Up! Aw man….. So, I got to the point where I was testing the PCB in the game, a whole mess-o-stuff came to light.  What started to unravel this whole ball of wax was when I plugged the game PCB into the harness in the machine and couldn’t […]