Atari Night Driver Cockpit Restoration

Night driver cockpit

Shifter Panel

The ND cockpit has a shifter panel on the right-hand side that is supposed to support both shifting and game selection.  When I took mine off, however, it was a huge mess: someone had removed the game selection control AND cut out the shift control hole in the panel to fit a larger two-way aftermarket […]

Pedal Assembly

The pedal assembly that came with the machine was some sort of aftermarket conversion deal that had been unceremoniously cut into the original cab.  After removing it, there was an irregular looking hole – not good: Figure 19: A rough and janky hole.  No jokes here, please! From what I could tell, though, that hole […]

Coin Door

Disassembly The coin door was another area of mess.  It was complete but a little rusty, thus I brought it to my workbench, took a bunch of pictures, and disassembled.  As an aside, I use ice cube trays for my parts when I’m doing things like this, a trick I learned watching Youtube restoration videos […]

Steering Panel

The Mechanism Where to even begin on this one?  At first I thought maybe this was complete and in good order other than having someone attach the wrong wheel.  After all, it has the Atari panel, and the Atari button, and fit the cabinet.  Must be generally ok…right? Red Herring #1 Oh how wrong I […]