Atari Night Driver Cockpit Restoration

Night driver cockpit

Deconversion: The First Steps

The first step was deconversion, which included: Figure 1: Peeling off the Pole Position stickers.  What a mess! Figure 2: What was left of the original ND power supply at bottom of the cabinet. Figure 3: The horror inside the machine.  A Top Racer board stack, accompanying odd harness, three (!!) switching supplies, and a […]

Steering Panel

The Mechanism Where to even begin on this one?  At first I thought maybe this was complete and in good order other than having someone attach the wrong wheel.  After all, it has the Atari panel, and the Atari button, and fit the cabinet.  Must be generally ok…right? Red Herring #1 Oh how wrong I […]

Monitor Plexi

Now, in terms of the plexi itself, it was ROUGH.  And I didn’t take pictures while I was working on this one, do it’s hard to do this justice.  Let’s describe it as: many light scratches combined with someone having carved their name in one corner.  I considered getting a whole new piece made but […]

Integration: Getting the Parts Inside

Getting everything into the cabinet wasn’t too bad.  First, we got the monitor in and bolted down.  This sounds easy but when you see the situation it looks like there is no way that 23” monitor will fit in there.  It turns out the trick is that you really have to maneuver the monitor inward […]